Micro-care in Flintshire

Welcome to Flintshire County Council’s dedicated Micro-care web-pages.

On these pages, you will find all the information you need about:

  • becoming a Micro-carer or;
  • finding a Micro-carer to support you with your care or well-being needs. 

What is Micro-care?

Micro-care is a new way of delivering care and support to people in Flintshire. 
Micro-carers are people, or small businesses who offer flexible and personalised care, support or well-being services to people. 

They work with their clients to find out what matters most and the best way to support them to achieve their goals or outcomes. 

Micro-carers can support people with a variety of things, which could include: 

 Domiciliary care services Respite for carers Holidays and short breaks Activities that bring people together  Leisure, wellbeing and social opportunities Cleaning Assistance with bills Pet care  Befriending/companionship  Help with gardening  Provide meals for people in their own home  Getting in and out of bed Shopping for one or more people

Micro-carers can be paid through a Direct Payment, or through a person’s own funds. 

Become A Micro-carer 

Being supported by a Micro-carer 

Find a Micro-carer in Flintshire 


The Micro-care project is supported by Flintshire County Council in partnership with the Welsh Government, the Leader 2014-2020 funding scheme, with Cadwyn Clwyd as the administrative body and Social Firms Wales to support the development of Micro-Care enterprises in Flintshire. 




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