Council launches its first micro-carers


In response to a national shortage of carers and to meet the growing demand for care Flintshire Council, with the financial support of the Welsh Government and Cadwyn Clwyd, have introduced an innovative new approach to increasing the number of carers able to deliver care to its residents. This new approach is called Micro-Care.

Micro-Care describes very small businesses ranging from sole-traders up to businesses employing five people, who offer flexible and personalised care, support or well-being type services (such as shopping, cleaning or companionship) to vulnerable people, tailored to the individual’s needs These micro-carers can provide support or care to someone who has been formally assessed as needing care by the local authority and they can also offer a range of service solutions to people looking to purchase care or well-being services privately.

Despite the challenges created by Covid-19 we have successfully established a number of new micro-care providers and we would like to introduce several of them to you:

Christine was our first micro-carer to be established. Her business, called Cartrefle Care, offers personal care and support and is currently successfully supporting two customers in the Flint area.

Scott, runs Myther Me, and offers personal care and support services, alongside pet care and boarding kennels for when people have to go into hospital and they need someone to care for their pet. He is based in the Lixwm and Holywell areas.

Katherine set up Katherine’s Home Care and Support, offering care and support services in the villages close to the Denbighshire border.
The latest micro-carer to come through our quality programme is Ema. She has set up Opal Care and is based in the Buckley area.

We are also pleased to say we have several other potential providers currently working through the programme who will hopefully be available to provide care and support within our local communities shortly.

Cllr. Christine Jones, Cabinet Member for Social Services said;

“During this difficult time, we, like many other people, have had to adapt our working practices and processes to provide essential services to our communities.

“Micro-care offers a different approach to providing vulnerable people with access to a range of much-needed personal services. I am sure Micro-care will be successful and will become an important part of how we provide care in our local communities”

For more information on our micro providers please contact either Marianne Lewis or Rob Loudon on 01352 702126 or 01352 702461 for a chat, or email them at We are also keen to recruit more micro-carers across the County, so if you think you could help support people in your local community, or know someone who may be interested in becoming a micro-carer please contact us.

Posted on 25 August 2020